How do I view or export program data?

1. While logged in to NAMI 720, select “Reporting” at the top navigation bar:

2. Indicate which type of report you would like to download:
  • Program Listings
  • Program Leaders
  • Program Data Reports

3. To pull a new Aggregate Report, you will need the following information:

  • Report Type (as listed above)
  • NAMI Signature Program Type*
  • Date Range (Previous 30, 60, 90 days, or custom)

*In addition to selecting an individual NAMI Signature Education Program (or all programs), you may also group by program type (i.e. all classes, all presentations, all support groups)

4. If you are a NAMI State Org User, you may filter by NAMI Affiliate. (Affiliates will only see their Affiliate.) 

5. After selecting your preferences, simply select Download Excel or Download CSV depending on your preference to download the report directly to your computer:

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