How do I report or edit program data?

Reporting Program Data

1. Click Education Programs on your top navigation bar. Select Complete in the Status column dropdown menu at the top of the page:

On this page, you will see a list of all completed Program Listings.

  • Program listings where View appears in the Data column already have a program data report attached – simply click View to view the program data report.
  • Program listings where Add appears in the Data column have not had any data reported.
  • This list will automatically update to include any Program Listings that have been completed as they occur.

2. To create a Program Data Report, simply click "Add" under the Report column for the Program Listing you’re reporting data:

3. Fill in the required information to submit your report (the example below list data fields for Presentations): 

  • Program Leaders (2 required per program)
  • # of Audience Members
  • # of Veterans, Active Duty or Related
  • # of Presentations
  • Audience Description
  • Presentation Language

Note: Data collected for Presentations, Support Groups, and Classes varies slightly based on program type, so your data fields might not exactly match those above. 

4. Indicate whether your program was in partnership with the VA by checking the box accordingly 

5. Click “Create Report” in the bottom right to save your program data report

Editing/Updating a Program Data Report

1. After creating a report, you have the ability to edit/update any information by returning to the Education Programs page and clicking View in the Data column of the program listing:

2. Edit any of the information on the program data report, then click Update Report to save your edits

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