How do I send program evaluations?

Please Note: Program Evaluations are currently only available for NAMI Signature Education Programs. We'll be sure to post updates regarding evaluations and reporting features for non-signature programs in the near future!

1. While logged into NAMI 720, click on the name of the program listing you’d like to view, bringing you to that listing's information page. If your listing has already taken place, an 'Evaluation Links' button will be automatically generated at the top of the page:

2. Hover over the "Evaluation Links" button - this will give you the option to click either:

- Direct Link: This will bring you to the evaluation page for your program listing (you can share the URL via email, messaging, or however else you'd like to reach your participants).

- Generate QR Code: This will create and download a QR Code to your computer, which can be shared directly with your participants (most modern smartphones will allow your participants to simply point their 'Camera' app at the code, at which point they can go directly to the evaluation.

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