How do I renew a membership?

1. From the NAMI 360 homepage, click on the Membership Batches box in the Quick Links section (shown below) or, from the main menu, click on the downward arrow next to the My Community tab and select Membership Batches from the drop down list (shown below).

2. Click on the green Create Batch button to create a new batch, or click on the Go to Batch button to open an existing batch

3. Click on the Add Membership button to add a membership into the batch.

4. Search for the individual for whom you are renewing the membership by typing a name in the Primary Contact field, then selecting the name from the search results.

NOTE: If you're not sure which record is the correct one in that list, you can click the first line of the drop-down list which has a magnifying glass icon to search your NAMI 360 contact records for whatever you typed in the Primary Contact field.

5. Select the appropriate membership rate from the Member Level drop-down list.

6. Leave the Membership Start Date field empty if you want to add a year to their existing membership; otherwise, click on the Calendar icon and select a start date

7. Check the appropriate Withholding box(es). (For more information about the withholding checkboxes, please see the What do "Withhold Local" and "Withhold State" mean? article.)

8. Click the Save button to add the renewal to your batch.

PLEASE NOTE: the membership is not processed until the batch is paid for.

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