What is the monthly distribution?

Each month, NAMI sends out payments to NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates in a process we call the "monthly distribution". The payment includes the portion of dues that office is owed for memberships collected through the NAMI.org website or through NAMI 360 membership batches. You would also receive "split donations", which are donations an individual makes on NAMI.org in the same transaction as their membership payment - they are split equally between NAMI, the NAMI State Organization, and the NAMI Affiliate.

If we have a NAMI Affiliate's bank account information on file, we send their portion of dues via direct deposit into their account. If we don't have a NAMI Affiliate's bank information, we send their portion to the state office for the state to send onto the affiliate (or hold for the affiliate, in the case of Model B affiliates). You can start receiving monthly distributions to your affiliate by filling out the form located on the How can my NAMI Affiliate receive our portion of dues via direct deposit? article page.

NOTE: The payment you receive covers the prior month's memberships. For example, in August 2020 you will receive the monthly distribution payment for July 2020.

1. Deposit

You will see a deposit from "NAMI2NAMI" in your affiliate or state's bank account.

2. Email Notification

An email notification is sent to your affiliate or state office from memberservices@nami.org with the subject "NAMI 360 Monthly Distribution" soon after the deposit is initiated from the national NAMI accounting department. The notification will tell you the full amount that was deposited as well as how much of that was for memberships vs. split donations. It will also direct you to access information about what memberships are covered by the deposit by going to the Reports section of NAMI 360.

For NAMI State Organizations ONLY: the notification will let you know how much money is meant for your state office, as well as how much money you are being sent for affiliates whose bank information is not in NAMI 360. You will need to either send the affiliate their money, or keep that in your state account as necessary. There is a separate report in NAMI 360 showing memberships covered under these affiliates with no bank information on file. Please direct affiliates to How can my NAMI Affiliate receive our portion of dues via direct deposit? in order to download the form they can fill out and send back to NAMI so they can receive their money directly in the future.

3. Reports

Each month, NAMI will create monthly distribution reports that correspond to the payment you received. In the Reports area of NAMI 360, there is a "Monthly Distribution" folder; within that, there are folders for each month. For example, March 2019 is "2019_03". Please see the How do I access the monthly distribution reports? article for more details about running these reports.

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