How can my NAMI Affiliate receive our portion of dues via direct deposit?

Each month, NAMI sends out payments to NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates in a process we call the "monthly distribution". The payment includes the portion of dues that office is owed for memberships collected through the website or through NAMI 360 membership batches. You would also receive "split donations", which are donations an individual makes on in the same transaction as their membership payment - they are split equally between NAMI, the NAMI State Organization, and the NAMI Affiliate.

If we have a NAMI Affiliate's bank account information on file, we send their portion of dues via direct deposit into their account. If we don't have a NAMI Affiliate's bank information, we send their portion to the state office for the state to send onto the affiliate (or hold for the affiliate, in the case of Model B affiliates).

If your affiliate would like to start receiving your portion of dues via direct deposit, please fill out the attached form "ACH Authorization 2020 Updated Form.pdf" and mail, email, or fax it back to our office.

Next steps:

  1. After receiving your form, the national NAMI accounting department will update your bank information in our database then send an email to AvidXchange, our accounts payable and bill payments system, and copy your affiliate's main email address.
  2. AvidXchange will email your affiliate with a DocuSign link and ask you to enter your banking information into their secure website.
  3. Once AvidXchange receives the completed DocuSign document, it will take them 3-5 business days to process the request and set up the new account.

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