How do I transfer a membership from one affiliate to another?

All membership transfers must be handled by the national NAMI office.

If a member moves from one area to another, or decides they would rather support a different affiliate, they are welcome to have their membership transferred as long as it has not yet expired in NAMI 360.

Please have the member email with their transfer request - if they emailed you directly, you can forward that to us - or they can leave a voicemail on the Member Services line at 888-999-6264 (menu option 2). They should include their name, the name of the NAMI Affiliate they are currently with, and the name of the NAMI Affiliate where they would like to be transferred. They can find a list of affiliates in their state by going to

NAMI staff will then update their membership in NAMI 360 to properly transfer their membership to the requested affiliate.

If their membership with the original affiliate has already expired, they can follow the How do I become a member? instructions to purchase a new membership with their preferred affiliate online.

If they would like to transfer to your NAMI Affiliate and have already paid their membership dues to you, please contact with the member's name and contact information. NAMI staff can then give you access to the individual's existing record in NAMI 360 so you can add a new membership for them instead of creating a brand new record.

Please note: changing the "Primary Affiliation" on a member's contact record in NAMI 360, or changing the affiliate name somewhere else on their record, does NOT transfer their membership and can cause confusion for the member, the NAMI Affiliates or NAMI State Organizations involved, and national NAMI staff.

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