How do I correct duplicate records in my data?

If you see an individual listed on more than one contact record - they have more than one "Netforum Customer ID" - please email their name and ID numbers to so those can be merged into one record. If any of the information on the duplicate records is different - for example, if the name is misspelled on one record, the address is different, the email address is different, etc. - please let us know which is correct.

NOTE: The "Netforum Customer ID" for an individual's contact record will start with a 0, 1, 5, or 6 and end in a capital 'i' (it may look like a number one on your screen). You can copy-and-paste the full ID number to send us if that will be easier. If you see a "Netforum Customer ID" ending in a capital 'o', you are viewing their household account record and is not a duplicate - you do not need to send us that ID number.

You can also email if you find that someone has multiple memberships with your NAMI Affiliate on their contact record. For example, if they have one membership that expires in the future and has a status of "Active" but also has a second membership with your affiliate that has already expired and has a status of "Lapsed" or "Dropped", let us know so we can correct that for you (and them!).

How does NAMI decide which record to keep?

We first check to see if one of the records has a account connected to it - if it does, that record is the "winning" record. If more than one record has a account, we check to see which one was logged into most recently and keep that associated record; or, if one has NAMI 360 access and the other does not, we would keep the one with the NAMI 360 access. Next, we check the ID number and try to keep the record with the older ID number as we know a lot of our constituents value that.

Is any information from the "losing" record(s) lost?

All information from the "losing" record(s), such as memberships, program leader designations, payment transactions, address/phone/email, organization affiliations, etc., is moved over onto the "winning" record. For situations where there is extra information - like more than three email addresses but there are only three email address fields - we try to save that on the individual's record as a "Note".

Can records be un-merged?

No, we unfortunately cannot un-merge records once they have been merged. Please double-check that the individuals you are sending us are actual duplicates and not a father/son (one is Jr or III, for example) or different people with the same name. We do our best to check for those situations as well but you know your members and supporters better than we do, so we are relying on you! When in doubt, it's best to ask us as we can view things like the contact record's change history, or you can reach out to the individual directly to see if they used to live at a different address or use a different email address, for example - or you can leave the records as-is.

What if each record has a membership with the same NAMI Affiliate and the dates overlap?

We will correct the memberships to make sure the dates are fixed so the member is getting a full year of membership for each dues payment they made. For example, if one membership expires on 12/15/2020 and the other on 5/12/2021, we would correct the most recent membership so it expires on 12/15/2021. Please contact if you see that a member's dates overlap. For instructions on how to view an individual's memberships, please visit the How can I see what membership(s) someone has? help article.

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