How do I make sure my NSONA's information is verified?

NAMI sent out a communication to all NAMI State Organizations (NSOs) and NAMI Affiliates (NAs) in late summer 2022 to verify their main contact and leader information. Having this information verified means that your NSONA would be eligible for any grant opportunities provided by NAMI National. NAMI is working on a process to ensure this information is verified by NSONAs twice per year.

What information was verified?

The following information was included as part of the initial verification project:

  • Main NSONA email address
  • Main NSONA phone number
  • Best email address for NAMI to contact the organization about Education programs
  • If the NSONA has an Executive Director position
    • If yes, name and email address of current Executive Director
  • If the NSONA has a Board of Directors
    • If yes, name and email address of current Board President
  • Which role oversees the day-to-day operations of the NSONA (Executive Director, President, Model B Leader, another role)

How do I check my NSONA's verification status?

  1. Click on the My Organization heading in the top navigation and then click on States & Affiliates from the drop-down list.

  2. From the list that displays, click the name of the NAMI State or Affiliate you wish to view under Account Name.

  3. In the Details section of the organization's profile, the Contact Info Status field will show the verification status.
    Verified - contact and leader information was verified with NAMI
    Not Verified - contact and leader information has not been verified with NAMI
    Deferred - verification has been delayed due to extenuating circumstances
    In Progress - NAMI is actively working with the NSONA on verifying its information

  4. If the Contact Info Status is Not Verified, Deferred, or In Progress, please email for assistance in verifying your organization's information.

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