How do I report program data?

Note: Most program leaders do not have NAMI 360 access. However, as a program leader, you can report program data for your program listing through your User Portal. The steps below outline how to report from the User Portal. If you do not see any program listings on your User Portal, please reach out to your NAMI State/Affiliate Admins so they can assist you.

1. From the main menu of the User Portal, click Report Program Data.

2. Click the down arrow next to the listing you wish to report data for (shown in red box below) and click Report Program Data.

3. Click on the arrows to the far right (shown below in red box). Choose the program you wish to report data for from the drop-down list.

4. Complete the form and click " Save."

You have now reported your data for that program listing. You will not be able to see what data you’ve reported, but your NAMI State/Affiliate will see it.

Walkthrough Video

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