How do I manage which programs a leader leads?

NOTE: In order to attach program leaders to program listings, you must have either Admin or Basic + Education access in NAMI 360.

A program leader MUST be attached to a program listing in NAMI 360 before they can report data for that program in their User Portal. In order for a program leader to be attached to a program listing, a local (program leader) record associated with the correct program must exist for that program leader.

1. Log into your NAMI 360 account. Then, click on the downward arrow to the right of the Program Management tab and click Program Listings from the drop-down list.

2. On your My Program Listings page, click on the name of the program listing the program leader belongs to, found under the PROGRAM LISTING NAME column (shown below).

3. This should bring you to a page where it displays the program listing’s DETAILS.

4. Review the details of this program listing to ensure that this is the program listing you would like to attach the program leader to. Click on the RELATED tab (shown below), to the right of the word DETAILS. This will display two boxes labeled Program Data Reports and Program Listing Leaders. Click the New button within the Program Listing Leaders box (shown below).

5. Choose the Standard option to add a regular program leader. Then click Next (shown below).

6. A drop-down list of leaders may appear when typing within the Program Leader box. To ensure that you choose the correct program leader associated to the correct program, you can access a complete list of program leaders found in your NAMI organization.

To access this list, type the letters “PL” in the *Program Leader box (shown below), and click the Enter key on your keyboard.

7. After clicking Enter on your keyboard, it will reveal a list of program leaders in your organization to select from.

8. To select the program leader, click on their PROGRAM LEADER ID (shown in the red box to the far left).

To alphabetize the list of contacts, click on the word CONTACT (shown in the center red box above). Be sure that when you select your program leader, that it is on the same line as the correct PROGRAM (shown in the red box above to the far right). Once you click on the PROGRAM LEADER ID, it will auto-fill in the *Program Leader field. Click Save (shown below).

9. After you click Save, you should see the name of the program leader within the Program Listing Leaders box (shown below).

10. The program leader will now able to see this program listing in their User Portal, and will be able to report program data for this program listing.

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