How do I add programs?

*IMPORTANT*: NAMI Affiliates should reach out to their NAMI State Organization to have a program added to their Affiliate. NAMI State Organizations should reach out to the NAMI national office in to have a program added to their state.

1. From the main menu, click on the downward arrow to the right of the Programs Management tab, and select My NAMI Programs from the drop-down list.

2. Click the New button on the top right of the table. In the Program Authorization box (shown below), type in the the name of the NAMI program followed by the NAMI organization (For example, NAMI Family Support Group - NAMI Northern Virginia). For NAMI Affiliate organizations, please fill the Parent Program field with the Program at the State level (For example, NAMI Virginia)

*IMPORTANT*: When adding a NAMI program, you must use the official NAMI Program name found here if you want program listings to appear on the website.

For example, "NAMI Family-to-Family - NAMI Glendale" is correct. "NAMI Glendale Family-to-Family" is incorrect.

3. When all fields are filled, click Save.

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