Granting Access to Recommend Program Leaders for Online Training

This article reviews how to place the necessary Organization Affiliation role designations in an individual's account, granting them access to recommend program leaders for online training in the Education Portal ( These Organization Affiliation designations include:

  • State Program Director
  • Education Program Administrator
  • Programs Contact

IMPORTANT: The role designations above will also grant access to the education program materials in the Extranet, however, they are reserved for NAMI State or Affiliate program directors, coordinators, and contacts. If you have a program leader that cannot access the Extranet, and does not hold one of the positions mentioned above, please check to see if they have the necessary program leader designations (Leader Designation AND Local record types) in their account. You can review how to place the necessary program leader designations here: How to I add new program leaders?

1. On the NAMI 360 homepage, click on the downward arrow next to the My Community tab. Then, click on Members from the drop-down list. The screen will then display the active members of your NAMI State or Affiliate organization(s).

2. Scroll down or use the search box to find the individual's name. Click on their name to enter their Contact Record. Once on their Contact Record page, click on the Related tab (shown below). Then, scroll down and click on the New button within the Organization Affiliations box (shown below).

3. Select the State/Affiliate option and click Next.

4. Fill out the New Affiliation: State/Affiliate form by filling in the *Organization box with the appropriate NAMI State or Affiliate organization. Choose the role (State Program Director, Education Program Administrator, or Program Contact) from the Role Picklist. Place a Start Date of today's date or earlier. You have the option of having this Organization Affiliation role displayed on your organization page on, by checking the box found under Show on Web?.

IMPORTANT: At this time, please place Status as "--None--", and omit the End Date.

5. When finished, click Save. The individual will now have access to recommend program leaders for online training via the Education Portal.

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