How do I report State Training Data?

NOTE: In order to create program listings and report State Training data in NAMI 360, you must have either Admin or Basic + Education access in NAMI 360 for your State Organization. At this time, State Training data will be reported within a Miscellaneous Meeting program listing within a State Organization NAMI 360 account.

1. From the main menu on your NAMI 360 account, click on the downward arrow next to Program Management and select Program Listings from the drop-down list.

2. Click the New button to begin the process of adding a program listing for a Miscellaneous Meeting (shown below).

3. Choose Miscellaneous Meeting, then click Next.

4. Fill the required fields. Within the *Program Listing Name, type the name of the NAMI Program for which the State Training is being held for, followed by the State name, and "State Training" (as shown below).

In the *NAMI Affiliate field, choose the Virtual Affiliate of your State organization. Fill in the *Purpose of Meeting field with whatever you choose to indicate that this State Training was held. Fill in the Start and End Date of the State training, as well as the *Street Address of where it is held. You can then fill out the other fields according to what you choose. When completed, click Save.

5. You will now be able to find this program listing on your Program Listings page on NAMI 360. When you click on the program listing for the State Training, go to the RELATED tab (shown below), then click on the New button within the Program Data Reports box (also shown below).

6. Once you click the New button, the following screen should appear. Choose the Miscellaneous option, then click Next.

7. Fill out *Start Date field with the date of the State Training, and the * # Participants field with how many participants were involved. You can also fill out more information regarding the State Training within the Outcome of Meeting/Additional Comments box. Once completed, click Save

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