How do I view and upload documents?

As part of the move to Salesforce, The Profile Center has become part of NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce. You will no longer need to log in to a separate website with a different username and password - everything is now accessible via NAMI 360, including all of your prior Profile Center documents.

1. From the NAMI 360 home page, click on the downward arrow next to the My Organization tab and select My Documents from the drop-down list (shown below).

2. Click on your folder name Note: Ignore the "Log In" and "Sign Up" buttons -- you are already logged in and good to go!

3. Click on an existing document to preview.

4. Select Download to download a document (shown below).

5. Drag and drop or browse to upload new documents

6. Complete required fields and click Upload.

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