Does NAMI send out renewal notices to my members?

Looking to increase your number of renewals? You can enroll in NAMI’s email renewal notices program to remind your members to renew via email!

For NAMI Affiliates that enroll in the program, there are a total of five emails that may be sent to the member. The emails will start two months before the member expires and continue once per month until two months after the membership expires. If the membership is renewed at any point during that time, they will stop receiving renewal notices for that cycle. The notification reminds them of the benefits of their membership and gives instructions on how to renew online through the website, or reminds them they can renew through their NAMI Affiliate or NAMI State Organization instead. The email comes from with the subject "Membership Dues Reminder from NAMI".

Please note: NAMI renewal notices will only be sent by email — not by mail. If your office opts for NAMI to email renewal notices on your behalf, your members who do not have an email address in NAMI 360 will not receive a notice. You will need to contact those members separately regarding their renewal.

To enroll in NAMI’s email renewal notice program, please log into NAMI 360 and follow these steps:

1. Click on the My Organization link in the top navigation and click States & Affiliates in the drop-down menu that appears

2. Select your affiliate's name from the list on the page to go to your affiliate's record

3. In the Additional Information section on your affiliate's record, click the pencil icon to the right of the "Renewal Notices Sent By" field

4. Select NAMI and click the green Save button

If you do not want the national NAMI office to send email renewal notices to your members, please be sure to set the "Renewal Notices Sent By" field on your affiliate's record to either "State" or "Affiliate". NAMI will send renewal notices to the members of any affiliate that has the field set to "NAMI" or is blank.

Please contact if you have any questions about these renewal notices.

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