How do I view all available reports?

1. From the NAMI 360 homepage, click on the Reports tab.

2. The screen will default to your most recently viewed reports. If the type of report you want to run does not appear, or if the screen is blank, click on All Reports on the left-hand side of the page. This will populate the complete list of reports available.

3. Click on the report name to open/run the report.

4. Available reports include:

  • Active Member Directory
  • Active Members
  • Active Members Expiring by Timeframe
  • Affiliate-New Members this Month
  • All contacts
  • Dropped Member Directory
  • Full Member Directory
  • Lapsed Member Directory
  • Membership eBatch-Affiliate
  • Membership Summary
  • NAMI Affiliates
  • Online Membership
  • Program Data for Classes
  • Program Data for Miscellaneous Meetings
  • Program Data for Presentations
  • Program Data for Support Groups
  • Program Leader Designations
  • Program Leader List by State/Affiliate
  • State Distribution Reports (begin with "State Distribution Report")
  • Affiliation Distribution Reports (begin with "Affiliates NO BANK Dist Report" or "Affiliates W BANK Dist Report")

5. To select the fields you would like to have displayed in the list of reports, click on the Settings icon at the right-hand corner of the Reports table (shown as a gear symbol, marked in yellow below), then click on the Select Fields to Display option:

6. For field options that you would like to have visible, make sure the option is placed under the Visible Fields column. To place or remove field options between the Available Fields and Visible Fields boxes, use the arrows (shown in yellow below)

7. Once you have the fields that you would like visible chosen, click Save.

Don't see a category for the type of report you want to view? Email the NAMI Salesforce Team with a suggestion for future report categories:

Walkthrough Video

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