How do I view all contacts?

1. In NAMI 360, click on the downward arrow next to the My Community tab and click on All Contacts from the drop-down list.

2. The screen will display a list of all contacts, including members and other individuals associated to your organization.

3. To change the list view of contacts, click on the black downward arrow (highlighted below) to choose which list you would like to view.

4. Once you have chosen your desired list view, click on the contact's name to the far left of the list in order to enter their Contact Record and see all of the available information about the contact. In the DETAILS tab (shown below) you can view the contact's address information, household information, contact information, etc.

5. In the RELATED tab (shown below), you can see the individual's Organization Affiliations, which programs they lead, their NAMI 360 access level (if applicable), and other helpful information to give you a full picture about their association to your NAMI organization.

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