NAMI 360 Training Webinar Q&A


Are all new members added as Household members? What if they are Open Door or Regular?

In Salesforce, Households group Contacts around a physical address, limiting mailings to only one piece per physical address and combining donation and membership information.  Every Contact belongs to a Household Account, even if they’re the only individual in a household. Any Contact in a household can have a membership (Open Door, Regular, Household) or no membership at all. If any individual in a Household has purchased a Household membership, all Contacts in the Household receive the benefits of that Household membership.

Please define Open and Closed Batches.

Batches refers to a group of memberships being processed—entering membership information into NAMI 360 and paying any national/state/affiliate dues—at the state or affiliate level.  Open batches have not been paid for and memberships in open batches have not been processed. A closed batch has been paid and memberships have been processed.

Will you please review Household vs. Affiliation vs. Members?

We encourage you to check out our Salesforce Glossary in the help center!

Reporting education program data

Will all previous program data be transferred to the new NAMI 360?

We will be bringing over three (3) years of reported program data into the new NAMI 360.  We will provide overview reports to NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates in the new NAMI 360 for program data reported more than three years ago following the launch of the new NAMI 360.

Will program leaders listed on NAMI 360 be transferred to the updated system? Regardless of how long it has been since they have conducted a program?

Yes, all program leader data currently in NAMI 360 will be transferred to NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce.

Will we need to give access to every program leader so they can enter their data or is that level of access available when they become listed as a leader?

Program leaders can report data for any programs where they are attached to the Program Listing as a Program Leader.  For example, if Liz Jones is entered as a program leader for NAMI Northern Virginia’s NAMI Family-to-Family class this spring, she can report program data for that class./p>

Is the program naming convention enforced? Is there a chance that program entry creators could use random names?

We are looking at auto-generating this or enforcing the naming guidelines. We want the names to be useful for all involved.

Can program leaders access and report data if they only have Apple products?

The new NAMI 360 is accessible via major platforms and browsers, including (but not limited to) Apple products.  NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce is also designed to be mobile-friendly and will work much better on your phone or tablet.

NAMI 360 access & permissions

Can I add non-members to the new NAMI 360?

Yes! You can add any contacts to the new NAMI 360. They do not have to be members.

Can I use the new NAMI 360 to track my volunteers?

You will be able to collect demographic and contact information on your volunteers but the new NAMI 360 will not track volunteer-specific items such as volunteer hours or availability.  Volunteer management is a frequently requested feature and is being included in our discussions of our long term plans for the new NAMI 360.

Can I log a call with an individual who called our affiliate for help?

You can log calls on any Contact in the new NAMI 360. However, we all need to be very mindful about what is being recorded, especially if it's an individual calling your HelpLine or warm line.  NAMI National keeps our HelpLine call data completely isolated from all other data in Salesforce and the new NAMI 360 for this reason --for example, if someone calls in crises, there should be no chance that they end up on our newsletter list.

Can you export a report from the new NAMI 360?

Yes! We have pre-built many reports for our NAMI State Organization and NAMI Affiliates.  All reports are in available in CSV (Comma-separated Values) or XLS (Excel) formats.

Can I create my own reports in the new NAMI 360?

No, you will not be able to create your own reports in NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce.

Will this system integrate with NAMIEasysite websites? That is, can it feed data on new programs scheduled or publicly viewable information on affiliate contacts?

At this point, NAMIEasySite does not pull information from NAMI 360 directly but we are very interested in that option.  This will be discussed to see what's feasible and when an appropriate timeline for these changes would be.

Does Salesforce integrate with MailChimp contact lists?

At this time, you will not be able to integrate MailChimp to NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce.. However, you can export a list of contacts from the new NAMI 360 to import into a MailChimp list.

Will we still be using the Profile Center?

No, after we launch NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce, you will no longer have access to the previous Profile Center. You will manage all your state and affiliate documents in the new NAMI 360. Any documents uploaded to the Profile Center will be migrated to the new NAMI 360.

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