How do I navigate NAMI 360?

NAMI 360 Navigation

Home Page

From the NAMI 360 homepage you can search items, access help, and find quick links to membership management, programs management, manage states & affiliates and reports.

Main Menu

From the main menu, you can access the following:

  • Home a quick link back to the NAMI 360 homepage
  • My Community -
    • All Contacts - a list of all contacts associated with your organization (including members)
    • Members - a list of all active members in your organization
    • Manage Memberships - View, create, and pay eBatches
  • My Organization -
    • States & Affiliates 
    • Organization Documents - upload and manage documents
    • Board and Staff - view and manage a list of all Board and Staff members in your organization
    • Manage Staff Access - manage staff and general access to NAMI 360
  • Programs Management -
    • My NAMI Programs - view a list of your NAMI organization's currently offered programs--classes, presentations, support groups, etc.
    • Program Leaders - view and add program leaders
    • Program Listings - view and add program listings
    • Report Program Data - view and report on recent program sessions
    • NAMI Programs Overview - view a list of all national NAMI programs
  • Reports 
    • Active Member Directory
    • Active Members
    • Active Members Expiring by Timeframe
    • Affiliate New Members this month
    • All Contacts
    • Dropped Member Directory
    • Full Member Directory
    • Lapsed Member Directory
    • Membership eBatch-Affiliate
    • Membership Summary
    • Monthly Distribution: Chapter Memberships
    • Monthly Distribution: Split Donation
    • NAMI Affiliates
    • Online Membership
    • Program Leader Designation
    • Program Leader List
  • NAMI Resources - links to: 
    • Back to myNAMI
    • NAMI Store
    • NAMINet (Extranet)
    • Education Portal
    • NAMI Fast Track Guide
    • NAMI Advocacy HQ
  • Help Center- where additional help articles can be found

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